The Werk Skirt

Hi – Ya’ll miss me?  I certainly missed you.  Werk or should I say Work is getting in the way of sewing.

I featured this fabric in December – it was 25 yards of happiness.  I thought I would get at least 5 projects out of the deal but that was not the case.


I made the D.I.Y. Leggings and used up a ton of fabric matching the patterns.  I know…just a lil obsessed.


I had a request for leggings from a client for a pair of leggings using the same fabric.  When I finished with her all I had left was enough for this skirt….and I was very sad.



This pattern is a keeper and a go-to staple.  It’s  click here:  Butterick B5929.  It was one of the first patterns I grabbed when I started sewing again.  Trust me – this is very easy to sew and a great confidence booster.  There are 5 different views to choose from.  I selected view “B”.

Well – I gotta run and get back to the sewing machine and my lil dog Riley Doo who was very very sick last week.   After multiple trips to the Vet and a lot of $$$$$ he’s much better.  Me…I’m a sleep deprived wreck…him…he eats and sleeps like a baby.  Oh and insulin shots twice a day – He’s Diabetic.  You’ll meet him very soon.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by.





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