About Me

I am Venita Elaine of SewVeStyle.  I learned to sew at a very early age but like many things life got in the way and sewing was set aside.  I am back and I am excited about the endless possibilities to transform fabric into wearable fashion.  I am not a professional seamstress or stylist but I work hard and I take great pride in the items that I share with you.  Each and every item I make is a labor of love and a source of pride and accomplishment.  The majority of the fashions that you will find on my blog are  made from the major pattern companies.  I find something that I like, change it up a bit to make it my own then I share it with you.  You will see items that I am proud to share – you will also see the mistakes and there are MANY!!!

Now for the personal side because everyone wants to know who you really are….right?

  • I live in California (Bay Area)
  • I’m a Libra
  • I love the Sun
  • I enjoy working out and being healthy
  • I love sewing – I can sew all day – I can sew all night
  • I love  watching Youtube sewing tutorials
  • I love sewing – I buy fabric just because –
  • My seam ripper has a name 
  • I talk to myself when I sew

Thanks for stopping by,

Venita Elaine



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