The Werk Skirt

Hi – Ya’ll miss me?  I certainly missed you.  Werk or should I say Work is getting in the way of sewing.

I featured this fabric in December – it was 25 yards of happiness.  I thought I would get at least 5 projects out of the deal but that was not the case.


I made the D.I.Y. Leggings and used up a ton of fabric matching the patterns.  I know…just a lil obsessed.


I had a request for leggings from a client for a pair of leggings using the same fabric.  When I finished with her all I had left was enough for this skirt….and I was very sad.



This pattern is a keeper and a go-to staple.  It’s  click here:  Butterick B5929.  It was one of the first patterns I grabbed when I started sewing again.  Trust me – this is very easy to sew and a great confidence booster.  There are 5 different views to choose from.  I selected view “B”.

Well – I gotta run and get back to the sewing machine and my lil dog Riley Doo who was very very sick last week.   After multiple trips to the Vet and a lot of $$$$$ he’s much better.  Me…I’m a sleep deprived wreck…him…he eats and sleeps like a baby.  Oh and insulin shots twice a day – He’s Diabetic.  You’ll meet him very soon.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

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January Fabric Hall

I’ll be sewing most of the weekend.  We’re going to see Selma and volunteering for Trail Clean Up Day in my community.  What are your plans?  #GetInvolved

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Venita Elaine


Croco Knit Skirt and Crop Top

Well folks this epic fail is a close runner up to the Cheetah Coat debacle.  I found this glorious Croco Textured fabric at:  JoAnn’s and walked around the store with the entire bolt for 60 minutes.  I had convinced myself that this was going to be my best project….”ever”.

I needed the perfect skirt pattern and chose Vogue: V8928.  I also decided that having the entire skirt in the Croco fabric would be overkill and I didn’t look like a fool.  So I went with Croco in the front and a Ponte knit in the back. 

I have plenty hips and butt so I needed to modify the pattern so that it would fit correctly.  I didn’t want to go for a total pencil skirt but still wanted a nice fit.  Guess What?????  The  dang skirt required a lining.  Ya’ll know me and lining in certain situations just don’t get along.  I took the plunge anyway and went for it.  I mean – if I don’t keep trying I’ll never get it right.  Sigh……the skirt came together very nicely until I started struggling with the underlining stitches .   The underlining stitch keeps everything together.  Have you ever had a skirt or dress with lining and it was always bunching up or peeking out from under the garment.  Well if you do it “right” the fabric won’t roll and you won’t have the problem.  Yes – I can even explain what it is and why you need it.  The other issue with the skirt was the split.  I knew that without modification my hips and butt would pull the split and I would not be able to sit down without flashing everybody.   #BadKitty

In hindsight I should have went ahead a made it a pencil skirt – At least it would have certainly looked better from behind.

I made the Crop Top using Simplicity: 1283.  I used a 4 way stretch fashion knit from: JoAnn’s.  I specifically wanted enough stretch so that I could simply pull the top over my head versus adding a zipper.  It came out perfect.  I added a black Motorcycle Jacket to complete the look which I found at Macy’s after Christmas Sale.  I’ve had the pink Motorcycle Jacket for ever….I don’t remember where I got it from…sorry.

Well enough explaining…I’ll let the pics do the talking.DSC_0062


Ugh….well that’s all folks.  I am so disappointed with the outcome but I will not be defeated.  I’m going to tame a textured faux animal print fabric and wear it till the cows come home.  #Can’tStopNow

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